Joy of joys

I have a fever of 102.2F, my belly is tight and bloated, it aches, and it's getting more difficult to breathe.

This sucks! We played it super-safe to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation ayndrome, but apparently not safe enough.

They want me to go to HUP to be evaluated, but of course it's rush hour and getting there would take an hour and a half or more. In addition to that, there's no way I trust myself to drive right now, the fever's got me all shaky, I can't take a full breath, and sitting upright hurts. So I'm waiting for BF to come home from work and give me a ride to my usual hospital back near where we lived before.

And I can't find my godforsaken pulse oximeter, so I can't test the oxygen in my blood. My lips are feeling rather tingly though, and that's never a good sign.

This really, really, really fucking sucks.


  1. Rach - put this is your cell phone and call if you ever need a ride, a babysitter or someone to make a milkshake run 215-738-6025 ( I can try to add a shot of something but my morphine contact got busted)


    Brian says hi and "ouch" on the belly pic