...from the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore.

It's awesome that all of the college bookstores in Philly are run by B&N now. Certainly makes them more useful and the ability to have a vanilla latte while shopping for algebra books is rather pleasant.

I just had my third ultrasound - nine follicles on my left ovary, five on the right. Yay! The fellow who did the ultrasound said that she thinks it calls for another day of elevated stimulation and another ultrasound tomorrow morning and then I should be ready for either the Ovidrel or Lupron (up to Dr. G.) tomorrow night and egg retrieval Sunday. Very Exciting!

So I just thought I'd give a quick update while I'm sitting here. BF is at a VM Ware discussion group nearby that should let out in a few minutes. We got to drive down here together today; it was nice to have the company (sorry but LM is not a great conversationalist: if he's not tellingcme how to drive, he's either whispering to himself or ignoring me). Now we're going to go get some brunch and then go enjoy this overcast, humid, almost chilly, glorious summer day!
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