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So I've started a new blog for the impending transplant. The point of it is to have a private place to be able to easily spread info among all of my friends and family, stuff that I might not want to be broadcasting to the whole world, like hospital room numbers, dates, blood counts, etc.

I will still be posting her regularly, it's just that there are some things I don't want the world to know, and I find the blog format the easiest for disseminating that kind of information rather than making/taking a million calls/emails. I'm sure you all understand.

So, of course, I'd like to extend an invitation to those of you who read here if you want to follow that kind of stuff. Just shoot me an email, if I don't already know who you are let me know, that kind of thing. It is on the personal side, so if you don't regularly follow my blog or know me in real life, please don't be offended if I don't invite you to read.

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