This was, as usual, a pretty nasty winter in Philadelphia. Wind chills that make you feel like your face is going to tear off, a couple feet of snow that just didn't want to melt, like I said, typical. But it is Spring At Last! It's sunny and green and just so encouraging. I've been sprouting vegetable seeds for by garden. Bf built the garden for me this week. We're doing a raised garden so that Bf doesn't have to dig up all that space for a garden that's really my thing, not his. He's always available to help me out when I need him to, but I do try to make things simple and less back-breaking-labor intense, if I can. In a couple weeks I'll get to plant my seedlings. I'm growing peas, lima beans, green beans, broccoli, spinach, shallots, peppers, and cucumbers. It's my first attempt at having a vegetable garden in like fifteen years, but my dad and I did pretty well back then.

We're also finishing up the renovation of our house and unpacking all of the boxes that've been hanging around waiting for the renovation to be finished. Yesterday, we went and picked up the rug we'd picked out for the living room. It's cool. It's an oval with lines on it, kinda like a watermelon, but in shades of brown instead of green. And any day now we get our new sofa and love seat in Ivy (which they don't have a picture of). I'm so excited; this is the first time BF and I have bought real, good quality furniture. Not that the IKEA stuff is bad quality, it just always ends up falling short of our expectations.

As far as my health goes...well...it's a mixed bag. I've been getting chemo once a month, which leaves me really exhausted for the next week or so, but the third and fourth weeks of the month I feel pretty great. The big problem for me right now is my G tube. It keeps getting infected and that hurts like hell. It's really just a giant pain in the ass; I don't know how I'm supposed to live with this thing. If I drink too much it comes out of the hole, same with food, smelling like vomit. So I'm always cleaning it, changing the dressing, changing my shirt; it's ridiculous and I hate it.

In other, better news, we just had the little man's fifth birthday party! He's getting so big, it'ss scary how fast he's gone from being a baby to really being a little boy. We shop for clothes now that are fitted neither for a certain number of months or for toddlers. He starts kindergarten in September. He's learning like a sponge. He reads words, adds and subtracts, it's just wild to be a part of. I also found out that I went to high school with his teacher, which was an odd but good revelation; I always liked her, she was a really good person then and it doesn't seem like anything's changed.

Alright, that's all for now. I'll check back in soon.

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