I Keep Forgetting!

I keep forgetting to mention that I''ve started a charity!

It's called Knit for the Needy and it's a group of people using loom knitting, or whatever other knit-craft they enjoy, to create hats for the homeless in the Philadelphia area. This way people can give their free-time, time on the train, little bits of stolen time here and there, and work from they're home , office, or wherever else they please.

I don't have many volunteers yet, but I'm hoping to get plenty between now and the Fall, so that we can have plenty of hats by the time next winter rolls around.

The charity website is www.knitfortheneedy.org and I'd love to see anyone who's interested check it out and perhaps volunteer themselves. Loom knitting hats is a very easy process that usually takes between five and six hours per hat, so you can really see the results of your work immediately!

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