Well that was...


About two minutes ago, the little man left here to go stay with his aunt in NJ for a couple days while his mom is away on business. I was assured by BF's ex that her sister was under strict orders to be on her best behavior as all of our previous encounters have been openly hostile. And I couldn't say that she was a bitch today. It's just that I wouldn't consider refusing to raise her eyes above the little man's eyeline or not saying a word to me to be nice. In fact, it was rather rude. Oh well. Her boyfriend was nice. Said hi, introduced himself, even shook my hand, but he is a logic professor after all, and what logic is there in hating someone for something they did to someone else three years ago?

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  1. If it's been three years and all of the resentment has been put behind you, why are you posting this entry?

    I seem to recall the little boy's mom saying something similar about time having elapsed when you cried to her in a letter about how traumatic it was for you to have to see the Dreaded Aunt. Maybe you should give credit where credit is due.

    Better yet, maybe you should drop all graudges and think of the boy first- and be grateful that you are so lucky to get to have him in you life and to love him, have him love you, and see him change and grow every day.