the gray one hates it.

The gray cat hates our new apartment. She's taken to yowling at anyone who gets close and isn't clearly trying to pet her. She's not an especially pleasant cat under normal circumstances, but she apparently hates change in a rather large way.

Tough. Everything's changing here. Constantly. And if the humans don't have a say in the matter, the cat most certainly doesn't.

We moved on Sunday. Three men, a box truck, and me. I felt utterly useless. I can't carry a chair, let alone a box of books. My doctor is always giving me her " c'mon, you're kidding" look when she tests my muscle strength. But the guys kicked ass and got us about 70% moved in. We have our old apartment for a month still, so we're in pretty good shape. I hate living among boxes and our couches are in that missing 30%, but the gray cat and I will both live.

On another front, BF's mom's prognosis has gone from bad to worse in the last week or so. The doc's revised her previous two year estimate to a quarter of that. We've got a hospital bed coming tomorrow and we're trying to get things set up as best we can to be as comfortable as it can be for her. She's still staying with my dad & family. It's actually been nice to have her there. We've been having big family dinners every night and hanging out a lot. It's sucks though. It just feels generally surreal. She's dealing with it well, but her health is very poor. BF is taking it well, but it's a lot to deal with. Home hospice is a lot to come at you out of the blue. I just hope that we can get a little bit of our life back here. All of this flux isn't good for any of us.

The orange cat, on the other hand, loves our new place. She's made herself thoroughly at home and has even stopped attacking the gray one. It's good to see somebody settled here. Especially that little feline fire ball. She breathes life into all of us. I'm hoping that she can give a much needed dose of levity to all of us.

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