Have I ever mentioned how amazing my family is? I don't know what I'd do without them.

BF's mom was discharged from the hospital. They sent her home to her second story apartment when she is hardly able to stand by herself, let alone get up the stairs. Her building has no elevator, so when BF got her home, they weren't able to get upstairs. It was a few moments of panic as to where she could stay. We also live in a second floor walk-up, so she couldn't stay here and the earliest we can move into the new place is next Sunday. My mom is a nurse, so the first thought that I had was that she might be able to stay there, but my mom's bathroom is on the second floor, so that was immediately out. But then I called my dad and my step-mom. Even with four kids in school and a baby at home they were able to set up their sun room as a spare bedroom and she's staying there until she can get moving again or until we get into the new place, whichever comes first. I'm so grateful to them for being so helpful and having such open hearts. They set things up for her with almost no notice and have been cooking and helping and just being awesome.

We spent the evening over there tonight and it was just such a joy. Little boys running around. Adults chatting away. I couldn't imagine living without them. I love them all so much.

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