Roll Call Damnit!

Ok, so you all got off easy last time and just ignored the delurking post. Not Cool.

So before I go spend a fabulous evening with my mom, sipping cocktails, eating appetizers and then going to see the most fabulous Miss Ani DiFranco live at the Mann Music Center (with 3rd row seats courtesy on my dear BF) I am giving a shout out to all of you who read (and I watch the sitemeter, so I know that I've got some return visitors here) if you're not going to comment on the posts then at least do me this little favor and come up for air long enough to tell me a bit about yourselves!

I won't bite, I promise!

Had a lovely time with mom. Dinner, great conversation, great concert. No the greatest I've seen her, but after more than nine concerts I definitely think that "greatest" is hard to attain. Also, one of my drugs has a euphoric side effect and after I took a couple pain pills to help my aching ankle out that side effect was triggered, so I got the narcotic and the euphoria (think acid trip) at the same time. I was able to enjoy the concert, but I wasn't totally able to pay attention for long, or keep my eyes open for long for that matter. Hard to watch a concert that way, but a nice way to listen.

~Edited AGAIN!~
I can't believe Colleen was the only one who came out to say hi. I have to say I'm rather disappointed. I thought maybe I was connecting with people...No I'm just kidding with the guilt trip, but Really! C'mon, just a couple lines!

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I'm Colleen, from Niagara Falls, NY. I've had PH for 32 years. I love being on the computer, and I connect to so many people that way who know what I've been going through! I love to also read, and spend time with family and friends. And I make jewelry! Feel free to stop by my blog if you haven't already! www.daily-ponderings.blogspot.com.

    I'm glad you had fun at the concert! Ani Difranco is from my area. She's a great musician!

    Take care,
    Colleen :)