Disappointing Small Children is My Forte

Oh so I feel like just about the smartest person ever right now.  

Last month when my mom and I went to see Ani DiFranco at the Mann Music Center we picked up a flyer that was advertising their free young people's concerts.  The two that looked appealing were in July 14 and July 28; fun, music, kids, free.

So when my cousin, who has a brood of her own including an adorable four year old little girl, got in touch with me over Facebook last week I invited her and whatever kids wanted to come to join Jake and I on our adventure to the city.  My cousin and I have been steadily drifting further apart for about ten years or so, but my little life here has made our goings on much more similar and we're trying to restart an old friendship.  I really like her, she's easy going and sweet and has an incredible laugh.

Anyway, she emailed me last night to confirm and just said to call her in the AM.  Of course this was wonderful because my stolen cell phone has her number on it.  But it turns out that that doesn't matter, because in my insomniac state I checked their website One More Time, just to make sure that we were headed to the right place and all of that and lo and behold I notice that the date on my calendar does not read 28, but 21 instead.  I instantly shot her an email apologizing and seeing if she'd still be up for it next week...God I hope she checks her email or calls me before she leaves the house!  She's got five little ones that I think would be with her, maybe four, and I know what a pain in the butt it can be just to get my one packed and out the door and in the car.  So let's all hope that this works out for everyone.  

And then there's me.  It's now 6 am and I haven't slept a bit.  I'm drugged as hell.  Sleeping pills do odd things when they don't put you to sleep.  But soon the pills will have worn off and then where will I be?  Finger painting with a three year old on a great big mat on the floor, trying to not fall into the yellow and desperately awaiting Nap Time.

Oh and a note on the little man!  After several months of change from diaper to pull-up, months that he just wasn't into the toilet training deal; he's finally on board.  He's been using it regularly, with the occasional slip up her or there for a few weeks now.  It's great!  I can't even explain how great!  Those of you without children are I'm sure saying to yourselves that I'm mad to be so happy over something like this, but as the people with kids will tell you, cleaning up someone else's poop sucks.  He woke up dry this morning and from his nap.  I was amazed, it was a first time thing and we made a big fuss.

Okay, that's it for me I guess.  Time to try to sleep again before it becomes totally impossible.

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