Little Ray of Sunshine

This does not by any means absolve anyone from the crucial de-lurking that should be going on in the comments section of the previous post..however, I have a bit of news that lit up my day yesterday.

My dear mother (no sarcasm, seriously) sent me a link to a real estate listing. Now this is something she does frequently in her free time and usually keeps to herself; scanning real estate adds, window shopping, you might say. She's not actually interested in buying a house; they just put a brand new deck and front lawn on the little fixer-upper they bought seven years ago. They've done an incredible amount of work on that house and it really is the prefect size for a couple their age with no children, but with enough space for the occasional grandchild to sleep over and a big backyard for sprinklers and barbecues. But back to the listing...It's essentially a duplex, they're calling half of it an "in-law suite" which is exactly what my mother is proposing to me: that she and her boyfriend of ten years and me and BF and the little man buy this gigantic house and all move in together (with the temporary addition of my twenty year old brother, until he gets off his ass and get his own place).

Now some people would dismiss the idea of living with their mother, entirely by choice, before they even turn twenty-five as ridiculous, possibly even suffocating. For me it's like a huge release. Being this sick makes me feel like I always need backup. With the little man, with groceries, laundry, dishes, anything you could possibly think of that a stay-at-home-mom (which is what I am right now I guess) is worried about. With my mom around I'd feel like I had someone to help out when things get bad, to watch the little guy when BF wants to go grocery shopping alone and I've got a migraine. It would be a huge wave of relief to have a live-in person I love to death around to help me out, especially if I get sicker, or get better and get a baby (such a weird new verb to use there).

And the best part about it is that when I suggested it to BF he was adamantly for it. How many guys would want to buy a house and live with their mother-in-law? He makes me happier everyday. He and my parents have had this practically instant friendship and it's so gratifying. He fits in with my family with such ease and genuineness that will make our lives together that much easier.

So we drove by the house yesterday evening. It's enormous. Three garages, five bedrooms, a full acre of land. The aesthetics need work; lots of old iron fences and handrails and such, but otherwise it's great. My mom had an appointment with the realtor this morning to see the house and talk about it a bit, so I should be getting the low down on that visit soon, but this is all just so very exciting. The only problem is my mom's BF, who probably won't come on-board with the whole plan, sadly. He's been putting so much work into their house and it would be a tough one to get him to leave, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high. If it doesn't happen with my mom though, there's always the possibility that we could talk my future MIL into it. It wouldn't be quite as great because she works days during the week and my mom works twelve hour shifts on the weekends and has every fourth weekend off. But it would still be help and still be a house rather than our rapidly-growing-too-small apartment.

So that's my news for the day. I'll keep things updated as I know anything more.

Pearl Jam tonight! Woo-Hoo!

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Not sure if we met yet..LOL
    Wanted to say "Hi" and this sounds like a great idea:))
    See what happens...I know with this disease you need backup at times..
    Take care and I will come visit your blog again...