Coughing up blood again...Oh and Roll Call!

So yeah, today and yesterday I've been coughing up clots of blood. Two big ones, mostly small ones. No, like, bright red, "you're actively bleeding" blood. The thing is that I'm reluctant to go to the hospital for several reasons and BF agrees. My PT/INR is probably just slightly elevated from the Excerdrin I took Monday and Tuesday and that's causing slight bleeding, which is clotting and I'm bringing it up. The new PH med is giving me headaches and they go from completely tolerable to "somebody please stick an ice pick in this spot right here" over the course of the day. And on a rainy day like today, with the barometric pressure going up and down, I'm bound to be in pain. But note, I did not take any of the dreaded Excedrin today...don't want to exacerbate things. I just don't see any purpose in going to the ER with symptoms of a disease that I was just diagnosed with, as shitty (and scary) as those symptoms may be. So I'm going to wait it out. This has two more days to rectify itself and if necessary I will spend the whole fucking day in a gown on a gurney on Saturday.

Tonight was game night. Formerly Dungeons and Dragons night, but now modified for variety. It was fun. I had to switch sides of the table to escape my brother's incessant tapping of his fingers and hands and feet and any goddamn thing he can think of to tap...but it was fun nevertheless. It's the only real socialization I get at this point outside of my family, so it's pretty nice to go hang out with them and play some interesting games (no, most likely, we don't play anything you've heard of, unless your into being a board games geeks and ordering them from Germany).

But enough about me for this evening. I'm fine and I think it's a fine time that all of these new people that are reading this drivel come out of the woodwork and say hi, as no one ever comments. I would love to hear who you folks are, how you got here, and what you think. I never actually thought that anyone would read this but hey, you are, so let's hear who you are.

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