Something's wrong with my eye. Feels like a corneal abrasion or something like that. It's watering like crazy and it's hard to open. It started bothering me around two o'clock. By six, when BF came home, I was laying on the couch, nose running, eyes tightly closed trying to...I dunno, disappear, I guess. BF saved the day though. He had vision correction surgery a few years ago and had steroid and anti inflammatory eye drops. So I used those and then when after 15 minutes I was still in pretty bad shape, he sent me off to bed to rest. I slept for a while and when I woke up I was feeling a lot better. I don't feel as well now as I did when I first woke up, but it's bedtime soon, so I get to rest again. Tomorrow I suppose I'll find an ophthalmologist and get it checked out. I need to stop wearing my contact lenses to sleep and stop putting my eyes at risk. You only get one pair, right? Well, until they start growing them.

Anyway, on to more interesting things. I started work on LM's Halloween costume today. He's being a bat, it's going to be cool. I'm a bit pissed off about Halloween this year. Historically, he's gone trick-or-treating with whichever parent was scheduled to have him that night. This meant that the Ex had him for every Halloween of his life, with the exception of last year, when we had him. This arrangement worked fine for her when she was getting him every year, but a week ago she IM'd BF and said, rather rudely, that we had had him last year and this was her year. This is how everything works with her, when she's benefitted by the situation it's just fine, when she's not getting exactly what she wants, she bitches until it goes her way and that's exactly what happened. BF is so sick of dealing with her and her bullshit every single holiday, that he just gave in and said that she can have him this year and from now on we'll alternate years. It's frustrating that BF so strongly avoids confrontation with her that she always gets her way, but as it turns out, I get my way here too. She works and goes to school so she's too busy to participate in any of Jake's school events, but I have plenty of availability, so I get to make him a costume for school on Halloween and attend his school Halloween party. We're also going camping the weekend before Halloween from Friday afternoon through Sunday night and the campground has all sorts of holiday festivities, including trick-or-treating and hay rides. So we end up getting him for Halloween anyway, just not for official trick-or-treating Monday night. LM's really excited about his bat costume, but even though he said he wanted to go with something scary this year, he doesn't want to be a vampire bat ::shrug:: I'm sure we'll have some scarier costumes in the coming years. His mom has been tasked with making him an iPhone costume. I'm glad he decided to task me with something easier, that I can do well. His mom has always let him be whatever his favorite thing was that year, like a volcano, or a vacuum cleaner, with varying degrees of realism. I like going with animals or humanoid thing better than some of his off-the-wall things-I-like-to-play-with ideas, I think they come out better. Last year I made him a dog and he loved the costume and it looked really great. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

On the health front, me, my mom, and BF all went to the Lupus Foundation of America's Living Well with Lupus Symposium. I got to meet and talk for a bit with Christine Miserandino of ButYouDontLookSick.com. She's my lupus idol, it was really cool. The first breakout presentation we went to was pretty bad; the woman presenting wasn't very good, her PowerPoint was all messed up, and the topic wasn't what I expected or really of any value to us. The lunch was mediocre, though the desserts were really good. The second breakout session was great. It was less of a presentation and more of a moderated discussion for young women and teens with lupus. It was great. We had a chance to discuss the things that affect our young lives, rather than the issues that are more often discussed about women who are of a more typical age for coming down with lupus (30-50ish). I got to share what I've learned about lupus thus far, things like sex, having babies, drinking, going to college, starting a career, etc. I also made several connections with people that I think I'll stay in touch with. Some I hope to be able to advise as they come into womanhood, but one woman I met is about the same age I am and she's at the same sort of places in her life as I am regarding things like where we are in our diseases, relationships, and wanting to become mothers. I hope that I've found a new friend who can really understand where I am in life.

So that's all for now, it's bedtime and BF's waiting for me. I'll write again soon. See ya!

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  1. How neat that you got to meet Christine! Although I don't have Lupus, I always refer new PHers to The Spoon Theory on that website, and it's such an eye opener for them and for the people they share it with! :)