Lupus Sucks!

Yes friends, it's that time of year once again, time for the Lupus Loop. Our team will be walking/jogging/running (ha!) the 2.5 miles of the loop in Fairmount Park on October 30th. Last time we did it it was a blast, lots of fun for everyone and we raised tons of money for a very good cause.

I'd love for any of my readers to join team Lupus Sucks! But if you can't I totally understand. And no pressure, but if you'd like to help our cause by donating to our team through my fundraising website that'd be awesome. I welcome donations of any denomination, not just the pre-designated ones on the website. Of course if you'd like to become a Lavender, Violet, or Amethyst donor, I'm certainly not stopping you, purple rocks! :)

Here's a link to my site and I'll put another one in the sidebar just so it's easy.

Thanks Friends!

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