Quick Updates

I have a migraine, so I'll keep it short.

Saw the dermatologist and she's awesome.  Very thorough, very personable, very informative, and didn't make me feel like an idiot.  She says it's not vasculitis, but telangiectasia, what I thought it was initially and a definite indicator that the beast I'm battling in scleroderma.  

There are five diagnostic criteria for what used to be called CREST Syndrome, but is now referred to as limited systemic scleroderma: Calcinosis, Raynaud's, Esophageal dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, and Telangiectasia.  You have to have three out of five for a diagnosis, I have three and a half, no calcinosis and very mild sclerodactyly.  So pending my blood tests results, which I'll get on Wednesday, I should have a diagnosis this week.  

I also got my first disability payment on Friday, which was a huge help, though I didn't get the back pay that I was expecting and I'm going to consult a lawyer about changing the onset-of-disability date.  It's nice to be a contributing member of the household again though.

We spent the day at my dad's today.  We made ice cream with the little man's new ice cream maker/ball.  BF made a great custard and then the kids rolled the ball around for a while and we got to have yummy Burnt Sugar Ice Cream (the sugar is caramelized to just-short of burnt).  We watched the Eagle's game, which was, as usual, a nail biter until the very end, but they won and there will be a game next week, so it ended on an up note.  BF, my brother, two of my step-brothers and I played Risk (BF kicked our butts, but we all held our own for a while) and Killer Bunnies, a great card game (especially when I'm the winner).  It was a really fun night.  

Bella is getting huge, chewing on everything, especially her hands, turning toward voices and her name, and deliberately grasping and pulling objects.  It's so great to get to see her every week and see all of the advances that she makes.  She's far less fussy now and she has a great smile.  I can't see her without hoping that I'll be lucky enough to be able to have one of my own.  Really I'd like two or three more, but BF definitely doesn't and I don't want more than my body could keep up with.  So I'm pretty sure that if we can have any, whether I can physically carry them or not, we'll only be having one.

Wow.  So much for short.  But the last hour and some migraine meds have actually made a major dent in my migraine and I can stand to look at the screen.  Think I'll go work on my book now.  It's the last in a the four book Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  It's somewhere between a historical fiction and a romance, but more to the historical fiction side, and being the history geek that I am, these thousand-plus page tomes are right up my alley.  

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