Need New Glasses

So I'm indecisive and I need some advice. As I'm not going to have any eyelashes or eyebrows post-chemo, I feel like my standard wire rim glasses aren't going to cut it, so I'm getting a new pair (or two - the prices can't be beat!) and I would love it if you would weigh in on the choices I've narrowed it down to.

Yeah, I know you don't get to see them on my face, but the shape of all three are pretty similar and all three look good, I just can't decide which one is the best and which color I want. So that's where you come in. Here they are, what do you think?

Pair #1 - look close, they're clear with red stripes throughout and only $8 a pair

Pair #2 - Comes in the four nifty colors below - $19 a pair

Pair #3 - Three cool colors and $8 each


  1. Well let's see. I vote red for any of them, it's my fav color! lol As for shape, I like the first one, but I'm thinking I like the 2nd one more. I really don't like the third. I'm not sure I helped you at all. lol Let us know what you picked!

  2. You need darker colors to offset the cue ball look. Go for black or dark brown. They will look fabulous. Great shape frames, by the way!