I have a baby sister!

She's amazing.

She was born on Friday, but I thought I'd wait until they named her before I made the happy announcement here.  She still doesn't have a name though and I'm too impatient to not announce her arrival.  We had had a false alarm Thursday night and spent a few hours at the hospital before they sent A. home, where she labored all night.  At 6:30, she decided it was time to get to the hospital and at 9 am, the little cutie was born.  

She certainly doesn't seem to mind not having a name.  Of course when all of your needs are being taken care of and monitored and you've got a huge family, one of whom is usually staring at you adoringly, I can imagine that a name doesn't really matter much.  It's not that my dad and A. don't have any names that they like, they just have too many.  So, sometime soon, hopefully, my sister will have a name.

It feels so cool to say "my sister"; everyone was so sure that she was going to be a boy.  I was making no such guesses, but I really wanted a sister.  I did the brother thing, I've got three step-brothers, and I don't want to belittle my relationship with my step-sister at all, but she's already sixteen, I certainly can't dress her up in frilly pink dresses.  So I am far beyond excited to have this little sweetheart in my life and as unusual as it may be to gain a baby sister at twenty four, I feel like I'm the best equipped to fully appreciate her now.  Friday afternoon I went to the hospital to meet her and just held her and stared at that pudgy little face (that looks incredibly similar to my own) while my dad and A. got some much needed rest.  Last night we went over to their house, BF cooked dinner, and I got to hold her and stare for a while longer.  I don't see my ability to stare at that little face going away anytime soon, I am definitely in love.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your family for the arrival of your little sister. I know how much you've been excited for her arrival. Enjoy every minute you get with her, which I'm sure you will! :)